Start Writing

Why Write?

  • Combat misinformation, bots, and lies spread on social media.
  • Respond publicly to opponent’s commentary with informed viewpoints.
  • Stimulate healthy debate on policy.
  • Leverage your interests and experience to provide thoughtful commentary and opinions about issues.
  • Support Democratic candidates who will do the right thing for our country and communities.


  1. Research topics and issues.
  2. Write a letter to the editor or an opinion piece on a topic of interest to you.
  3. Track what happens to a letter once submitted to a newspaper. If published, great.  Share it with your network.  If not published, learn from that and consider other avenues that might be receptive to your point of view.
  4. Amplify the published letter or opinion piece by posting on social media or emailing to friends and family.  

What We Do

Writing2Win shares lessons learned and a process to help you work efficiently and effectively.  We offer the following;

  • Tools for tracking letters and op-eds published, organizing media contacts, and best practices for submitting articles.
  • Resources to support developing volunteer network by tracking issues, candidate priorities, and legislation. 
  • Our experience to help you build an effort that makes the most sense for your community and learn from your efforts.

What You Can Do

Write a letter to the editor on an issue you feel passionate about.

Start your own Write2Win group in your district. Writing2Win can be as simple as a few friends working together, or it can be a bolder, more organized effort. However it is organized, it engages other constituents and writers in drafting letters-to-the-editor and op-eds, and posting on social media to improve Democratic candidates’ election chances.

Sign-Up Today

Here are some great articles and pages to inspire you.

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