Why VA Should Elect Former Governor Terry McAuliffe to a New Term

Published September 2, 2021 in DemCast and written by Alvina McHale. Terry McAuliffe, Virginia’s Democratic candidate for governor in November, has always faced challenges head-on. Virginians know his way of governing — he sees things as they are, not as he wants them to be and if bad things happen, he comes up with achievableContinue reading “Why VA Should Elect Former Governor Terry McAuliffe to a New Term”

Loud Noise versus Strong Leadership

Published August 2, 2021 in Patch and written by Hal Donahue. Recently, extremist Republicans joined with out-of-control conservatives at a loud and nasty Loudoun County School Board meeting to demand something not taught in our schools be eliminated. They then voiced outrage at common courtesy toward our transgender community. This theater reflects badly on thoseContinue reading “Loud Noise versus Strong Leadership”

A Losing Battle on ‘Election Integrity’

Published July 16, 2021 in The Washington Post and written by Kristin Battista-Frazee. The July 6 front-page article “In GOP, hopefuls focusing on 2020” reported that Wren Williams (R), a candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates, blasted Republican incumbent Del. Charles Poindexter (R) that he “wasn’t taking election integrity seriously.” If Mr. Williams isContinue reading “A Losing Battle on ‘Election Integrity’”

Kick-Off Webinar Aug. 9 with Congresswoman Wexton

In recent elections you have helped get letters-to-the-editor published in Northern Virginia papers in support of local Democratic candidates. Election Day is now less than 100 days away and the Democratic Convention is around the corner. It is time to gather again and work for victory in November! Please join with other like-minded folks forContinue reading “Kick-Off Webinar Aug. 9 with Congresswoman Wexton”

Ending Systemic Racism

We look forward to helping you start a Writng2Win group to help Democrats win in your district. We seek to be intentional in this work to support legislators and candidates who are committed to ending systemic racism and building racial and economic equity in our communities, our states and the nation.  We believe that racismContinue reading “Ending Systemic Racism”

Virginia deserves better than self-described ‘redneck’ Amanda Chase

Regarding the Oct. 1 front-page article “Va. legislator’s swagger stirs GOP election angst”: “Swagger” is not a word I would use to describe Virginia state Sen. Amanda F. Chase. A self-described “politically incorrect redneck from Chesterfield,” this gun-toting, in-your-face politician is not something Virginia needs, particularly as we slide into home base on statewide elections.Continue reading “Virginia deserves better than self-described ‘redneck’ Amanda Chase”

Letter: Comstock position on guns is a disqualifier

Editor: After moving back to Northern Virginia, I am disappointed to learn my member of Congress, Barbara Comstock, wields a friendly face and an extremist vote. With children returning to school, we are all concerned for their safety and know that fear is not conducive to good learning. I am retired military and a formerContinue reading “Letter: Comstock position on guns is a disqualifier”

Barbara Comstock’s selective support of women who say they were harassed

In the Sept. 27 Metro article “A loud #MeToo voice is quiet on Kavanaugh,” Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-Va.) declined to say whether she believes a woman who has alleged that she was sexually assaulted as a teenager by Brett M. Kavanaugh, a friend of Ms. Comstock’s. Read Washington Post, Letter to the Editor, October 2, 2018