What is Writing2Win?

Writing2Win engages like-minded people to work together and give voice to the issues we care about and support candidates who will enable change.

We are a group of volunteers who write letters to editors (LTEs) of local digital and print media in support of Democratic candidates.  Volunteer writers don’t work for political candidates or their campaigns, but track their positions on issues in order to write effectively and compellingly about them.  Writing2Win helps other volunteers with that process. Since 2016, we have honed our outreach and now want to help other Democrats create Writing2Win groups to support candidates in their districts.

Overall goal: Help Democrats win elections by engaging the voters, communicating policy positions on issues, and going on the record as to why we support their key legislative goals. 

Generating Visibility for Issues and Candidates

Since 2016, Writing2Win has helped get letters published in community media in parts of Northern Virginia. LTEs are one of the most widely read sections of a publication. Our work increases public awareness, encourages informed discussion, influences candidates and other policy makers, and encourages campaign supporters. 

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